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Is there anything worse than introducing yourself to a room full of strangers? I had a boss who used to make us play 2 truths and a lie every time a new person joined the department. I legitimately googled best lies. Who can take the pressure?? In short, I’m a full-time work-from-home Mama. I’ve worked as an office manager for a travel website for the past 5 years (despite the ice breakers) and started my baby clothing boutique last year. I am 27, but the closer to bedtime the more I feel like 30... or 40.

I was born in Colorado, but I moved to New England after I met my born and bred Bostonian hubby.  After meeting at 19, we survived two very long years of long-distance, and I moved to New England on our second anniversary. Six years later we are still living in New England with our almost 2-year-old daughter Aria. 

Enough about me! Caffiene&Chaos is going to be short snippets of my top 3 favorites lists.  Because, let’s be honest. If you had more than 5 minuets to read a blog you’d be doing something life enriching (like going to the bathroom alone). These lists can range from anything to beauty hacks, to toddler activities. Honestly, the purpose is to connect with you wonderful mamas and share tips and tricks that will make our lives easier.

To start us off, let’s have some fun with the top 3 things I always said I'd never do before having my daughter...

#1. I will never let my child watch tv. Ha

#2. I will never give my child junk food. Double Ha

#3. I will never co-sleep with my baby.

ME: Co-sleeping is best for my family.
ALSO ME: Wakes up to a toddler licking my eyebrow

Join us next time for my favorite dollar store activities for toddlers.  Don’t forget to comment below and share what you said you’d never do before kids. Weren’t our pre-parent selves just adorable?


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